Why you need to double cleanse + avoid makeup wipes!

Oct 24 , 2020

Lel Banks

Why you need to double cleanse + avoid makeup wipes!

Double Cleansing is...

Usually only necessary at night time, depending on your skin type (you can discuss this with a beauty therapist / facialist / esthetician).  The first cleanse will break down the top layer of makeup, SPF, dust, pollution, sweat and dead skin cells.

A second cleanse really cleans much deeper to make sure you have removed any excess of the above from your skin – the result is a more thorough cleanse, which allows the next product you apply to properly absorb...what a waste of your moisturiser, serums and/or oils!  

A double cleanse is not necessary for everyone. If you haven’t been wearing makeup or SPF, and have had an indoors-y type of day (how very 2020 WFH / pandemic year...), then one cleanse is probably all you need to do.


How to double cleanse

Pump enough cleanser (i.e. elly b Coconut Cream Cleanser), onto the palm of one hand, rub hands together briefly to warm the cleanser.  Apply to your face and use your fingers to massage in gentle circular motions. Make sure to go around the hair line, nose and chin areas.  Massage for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Important: Use a cotton or muslin face wash, or a 100% cotton elly b Special Cleansing Cloth to remove.  Shaking your head under the running shower will not do the job properly, it’s the motion of wiping the cleanser plus all the grime away that will really clean your skin.  You'll notice the difference, and your skin won't have that dry, squeaky 'clean' feeling either.

Apply a second amount of cleanser and repeat instructions above.

Now your skin will readily absorb the next skin care product you apply!


A note on the dreaded makeup wipes...

As a beauty therapist I can’t tell you how many skin issues I have solved by simply asking client if they use makeup wipes!  If you use them…please throw them away, or better, use them up wiping the bench!

The biggest problem is the amount of preservatives used to stop bacteria growing in the packet. Together with synthetic fragrances and alcohol used in many wipes, this can leave your skin red, sore and sometimes stinging.

Makeup wipes are just that – they remove makeup, but they don’t clean your skin. Also they can remove your skins natural oils and protective barrier, which long term will age your skin more quickly. Brands that contain alcohol can also dry skin to the point of becoming dry and itchy.

And if all makeup is not removed, pores can become blocked and clogged and guess what...you can expect breakouts!  And of course it wouldn't be us to not mention the environmental impact wipes have.  They don't save time and just aren't necessary, unless maybe you're camping and there's no other option...

Consider your daily face cleansing a little self-care ritual, before you get to the fun stuff...whether it's a luxurious face mask, beautiful aromatic night cream, or fun makeup!

I'll be doing another exfoliation post soon, in the meantime read the first one here

x Lel


Image: Sanibell @ Unsplash