What sets ellyB ORGANIC SKINCARE apart?
* modern and effective organic skin care range
* focused on delivering results by working holistically to improve your skins health & vitality
* products are designed to revitalise, nurture, protect & maintain your skins health
* we believe the healthier your skin, the more resistant it is to the ageing process.
* our skin care regime is simple & uncomplicated – befitting every age and skin type including sensitive
* beautifully elegant packaging
What is the shelf life of your products?
Our products have an unopened shelf life of approximately 2 years from the date of manufacture. We recommend that on opening and using the product correctly, the shelf life will be approximately 6 months. The ingredients are active and need to be used. The best way to keep your skincare fresh – is to use it daily!
How do I store your products?
It is recommended that products are stored below 30 degrees C and away from direct sunlight & heat sources.
Why use a Special Cleansing Cloth?
Our special muslin cleansing cloths act as a gentle exfoliator to help remove dead skin cells every day, helping to make your skin look fresh & bright. Our special muslin cleansing cloths enhance daily cleansing and we recommend you use it to remove cleanser. Launder in the usual way.
Can I order by phone/mail?
Yes, of course you can. Please ring us on 0419 757 636 for personalised, individual attention! We are available from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, and love hearing from our customers.
Do you test on animals?
We never test on animals.
Do you use any animal products in your products?
Our products do not contain any animal ingredients.
Why do products vary sometimes?
There may be slight variations in the colour and texture of individual products because organic & natural ingredients are subjected to season conditions that may vary their growing conditions.
Do you use sunscreen in your products?
Whilst some oils have a naturally occurring ability to act as a sunscreen, we do not add sunscreen to our products as it may affect those with sensitive skins.
Patch Testing?
We recommend a patch test is carried out prior to your first application of our products to ensure compatibility.