How to create the perfect canvas for make up [Part 2]

Apr 14 , 2019

Lel Banks

How to create the perfect canvas for make up [Part 2]

In Part 1 we said “Faithfully following an effective simple skin care routine is the very first step to creating the perfect canvas.”

Here’s Part 2 … it’s all about exfoliating

The skin has many layers and it is in the dermis that brand spanking new cells are produced. Approximately every 3 – 4 weeks our skin replaces damaged & tired out skin cells with lovely new ones! How quickly this happens depends on your age & general health.

Whilst the skin replaces itself, it does not always get rid of dead skin cell build-ups and other impurities on the surface … they’re the flaky bits that you may or may not be able to see in the mirror. But they are definitely the bits that your make-up will not only adhere to – but highlight for you too! Horror of horrors – sometimes you don’t even know they are there until you apply foundation, spoiling that overall smooth silky look you are after. Regular exfoliation will help stop this happening.

Our gentle face exfoliator is exactly that - gentle. Tiny natural spheres of jojoba beads roll over your skin to buff away these flaky dead skin cells & impurities – leaving skin brighter, cleaner & smoother. Because they’re spheres they don’t scratch the skins surface causing micro-tears.

Having removed the dead skin debris your skin will now more readily absorb moisturiser – from a skincare point of view that’s one of the best advantages of exfoliating. We recommend you do this at night time and always follow with a really good/intensive moisturiser. dream cream or argan gold will give maximum hydration – and your skin will love you!

So for “make up ready” skin, to create the perfect canvas – regular exfoliation is a must!

But even if you prefer to go au natural, exfoliation is very much a part of a healthy skin care routine.

x Lel


Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash