Why choose Australian Made?

Jun 01 , 2020

Lel Banks

Why choose Australian Made?

elly b Organic Skincare is made in Australia, for Australian skin!

At elly b we love that we are an Australian organic beauty brand, and that all our products are Australian made.

It’s important to us that we are licensed with Australian Made, and we proudly display their logo on each and every one of our products.  It’s the authentic Aussie stamp of approval!   

But why should you think about buying Australian Made products?

Australia has a worldwide reputation for producing some of the absolute best quality products and has excellent high standards.  Our products haven’t travelled around the world to get to you - they’re made right here locally, and by buying them you are supporting local businesses (big, or small like us!).

Your money stays in our communities and generates more income for Australia.  You are supporting local people, in local jobs and local industries - which makes us do a “happy dance” (especially in 2020 - which as everyone knows, between bushfires and the current health crisis, has been a struggle for every business).  Always look for the Australian Made logo on any type of products you buy to support Aussies in every way you can.

x Lel


Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash