What's special about elly b?

Mar 05 , 2024

Lel Banks

What's special about elly b?

Ingredient choice is close to the heart of elly b.  If you compare the ingredients list on our products to others, you'll see it's significantly shorter ... we have less ingredients, but in higher concentrations!

Because we use organic plant oils, essential oils and natural ingredients, there's no need for unnecessary additives.  Mother Nature does an incredible job creating these amazing ingredients!  I carefully select each ingredient that goes into our organic beauty products for their beneficial properties and overall contribution to the product.

elly b organic beauty products are created in small batches by hand.  A little bit of love is included in each and every hand-crafted product, which machine made products just can't do!

Our Australian made products are created specifically for our harsh Australian climate and are made in regional Australia.  Having lived in the extreme heat in Western Queensland and the brisk chill of the New England, NSW, I know our products perform across the spectrum.

But the thing that really drives me to create this range is making people feel good about themselves through radiantly healthy skin!

Lel x