The Skin Barrier - protecting the outer skin layer

May 19 , 2023

Lel Banks

The Skin Barrier - protecting the outer skin layer

The outer layer of your skin is called the Skin Barrier and it creates an important buffer against harmful bacteria and toxins entering through your skin.  In other words, it keeps the good stuff in (like your natural oils) and the bad stuff out.

How do you know you’ve disrupted or damaged your skin barrier?

Well, your skin will have lost its healthy glow.  It may be dry, rough or even scaly.  You may have some redness, breakouts, infections inflammation and generally it becomes more sensitive.

How does it happen?

Most damage comes from stripping the natural oils by using harsh products, like aggressive scrubs or using too many products that contain acids (ie AHAs, BHAs, glycolic, salicylic acid etc).

You should always use a gentle scrub, like our Gentle Face Exfoliator, more often than a harsh scrub once a week.

You may also be under moisturising – that is not using a moisturiser that really nourishes your skin.

Other things that can cause problems include stress, pollution, smoking and living in a harsh climate.

So how do you repair your skin barrier?

It’s easy!  Just simplify the products you are using in your skincare routine. It may take a few weeks, but it will improve.

By using gentle products like our coconut cream cleanser and gentle face exfoliator and an intensely nourishing moisturiser – our dream cream is prefect to help repair your skin barrier and keep your skin in good condition.

These products makeup our Award Winners Special

Remember skincare does not have to be complicated and you are never too old or too young to start looking after your skin!

Lel X