Why exfoliating is so important for good skin health

Apr 14 , 2019

Lel Banks

Why exfoliating is so important for good skin health

Exfoliating really helps to remove dead skin cells and daily grime.  It will boost circulation and will leave your skin brighter & cleaner!

Before applying our moisturising dream cream in the evening – I highly recommend using our gentle face exfoliator 2 or 3 times per week after cleansing. 

Some face scrubs are really rough on your skin and may cause micro tears to the skin surface, causing problems rather than solving them. But our Gentle Face Exfoliator is exactly that – gentle! It’s made with spherical jojoba beads to gently roll over the skin and buff and polish without disturbing your skins natural barrier and will help look after your skins health.

A huge advantage to exfoliating is that moisturiser absorption is greatly improved. I recommend exfoliating at night time & following with our intense treatment moisturiser Dream Cream for a really radiant skin! I promise you will really notice the difference! 

Suitable for all skin types except sensitive. For sensitive skins we recommend our cleanser used in conjunction with our special cleaning cloth which gives a very gently daily exfoliation with each use of the cloth.

x Lel


Photo by Sumner Mahaffey on Unsplash