Why essential oils are so great, and why the human body reacts to smell

Apr 14 , 2019

Lel Banks

Why essential oils are so great, and why the human body reacts to smell

In the plant world some essential oils are produced to attract insects to aid in reproduction and in others to deter their enemies from eating them or other plants from invading their patch. Of the large amount of essential oils that are extracted only a tiny percentage is used in aromatherapy, with the majority used in food flavourings as well as in the perfume and pharmaceutical industries.

They really are the very essence or the “life force” of plants. By using these precious oils in skincare products we are reaping all the benefits of the essential oil.

The essential oils we use help make up the active ingredients in our skincare products. Unlike synthetic fragrances that just smell and don’t contain any benefits to the product, essential oils have a heavenly aroma AND therapeutic value.

When correctly blended they are highly beneficial in balancing and maintaining skin types and conditions. In fact essential oils can greatly complement each other by creating a synergy in which they are more powerful when combined than if they are used separately.

The essential oils used in our skincare products have all been extracted from plants without using any chemical solvents. Often steam is used to extract the precious oils or cold pressed in the case of most citrus essential oils.

Ever wonder why a certain smell/aroma creates an emotional reaction?

Our Ol factory system (responsible for detecting odour) is linked to our Limbic Brain – which deals with emotions & memory (amongst other things). So our reaction to smell is often influenced by childhood associations, people, places & events in our lives.

Of course smell is an exceptionally personal response.  What you love – someone else may loath!

But there is no doubt about the beneficial addition that essential oils make to skincare products.

x Lel


Photo by Valerie Blanchett on Unsplash