Why 'beauty sleep' is the real deal

Jan 30 , 2019

Lel Banks

Why 'beauty sleep' is the real deal

It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing Beauties! Have a bad night’s sleep and it will certainly show on your face.

Did you know that when you don’t sleep well or not for long enough – the cells that repair and regenerate your skin can’t do their job properly and the result is lack-lustre skin … dry and dehydrated.

Not only are you lacking in energy and just not functioning as well as you normally do, but your stress levels also increase and you just don't feel like yourself! This can trigger an increase in acne & sensitivities. And may also lead to a decrease in collagen production.

When you do get into a pattern of regular good night’s sleep – I’m sure you can really notice the difference! You look brighter and feel alive!

Night time is the perfect time to use a more intense and nourishing cream like Dream Cream to really re-hydrate your skin whilst the skin cells are renewing and repairing. Your skin will really reap the rewards of the therapeutic benefits of the certified organic oils and essential oils. It’s not called Dream Cream for nothing!!

There’s truth in what we are told …. make sure you do some exercise during the day, don’t drink caffeine a few hours before bed, don’t eat a huge evening meal, avoid your mobile an hour before bed,  make sure your room is not too hot or too cold, give yourself some time to wind down and relax an hour or so before bedtime. All these things will improve the quality of your sleep and in turn improve the condition of your skin. It's a win win.

 So now you know why it really is a 'beauty sleep'...sweet dreams Beauties!

x Lel


Photo by Sylvie Tittel on Unsplash