Spring Has Sprung

September 1, 2012 10:42 pm

Spring has sprung and we are feeling the excitement of a wonderful and warm summer…hopefully you are too!  If it’s still a little chilly wherever you are (or for our friends across the other side of the world perhaps the chill is just beginning!) here are some pictures to tide you over in the meantime!

We’ll be doing some posts on how to achieve your best skin for spring and summer very soon!

x the ellyb team

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How to create the perfect canvas for Make-Up – Part 1

August 18, 2012 9:23 am

To get that really radiant & healthy complexion you have to begin at the beginning!  Faithfully following a really effective simple skincare routine is the very first step.

Make-up always looks better when applied to skin that’s smooth, clear and has a natural glow.

So the first step is to cleanse morning & night.  Cleansing gets rid of daily grime, make-up and excess oilyness as well as loosening dead skin cells. If you wear make-up it’s always a good idea to double cleanse at night time to make sure your skin is really clean.  Our ="" target="_blank">Cream Cleanser is very gentle and a double cleanse won’t rob your skin of moisture.

We highly recommend removing our cleanser with our Special Cleansing Cloth.  This muslin cloth works wonders and it’s like a very very gentle exfoliation helping to remove dead skin build up that makes skin flaky and dull looking.

Keeping your skin clean will help prevent breakouts, pimples and blackheads.  Our Cream Cleanser has a beautiful creamy texture.  When massaging on your face make sure you concentrate around the nose area, chin & forehead.

Using elly b Cream Cleanser combined with our Special Cleansing Cloth really makes your skin clean, velvety and soft.  It also helps the products that follow to be better absorbed into your skin, rather than sitting on the surface. Skin needs to be well moisturised for a smooth application of foundation.

So cleansing and using a special cleansing cloth are just the first part of creating the perfect canvas for make-up!  Even if you don’t choose to wear make-up this is the first step to radiant healthy skin.

Don’t forget that our skin can also reflect our internal body, so good nutrition, exercise & drinking plenty of pure water will keep your bodies largest organ – your skin – in great condition.



Exfoliate for radiant skin!

May 8, 2012 11:53 pm

 Before applying a moisturising cream in the evening – I highly recommend using a gentle face
exfoliator 2 or 3 times per week. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells & daily grime, boosts
circulation and leaves your skin brighter & cleaner.

Some face scrubs are really rough on your skin and may cause micro tears to the skin surface,
causing problems not solving them.

But our Gentle Face Exfoliator is exactly that – gentle! It’s made with spherical jojoba beads to
gently roll over the skin and buff and polish without disturbing your skins natural barrier.

A huge advantage to exfoliating is that moisturiser absorption is greatly improved. I recommend
exfoliating at night time & following with our intense treatment moisturiser Dream Cream for a
really radiant skin! I promise you will really notice the difference! 

Suitable for all skin types except sensitive. For sensitive skins we recommend our cleanser used in
conjunction with our special cleansing cloth which gives a very gently daily exfoliation with each use
of the cloth.

xx lel


How to slow the clock..

April 23, 2012 9:56 pm

We’re all concerned with fine lines and wrinkles, that’s nothing new!  But did you know by faithfully using: 

the RIGHT product and

the RIGHT amount in

the RIGHT way

you WILL reduce dryness and plump up the skin to help minimise the appearance of fine lines!

Let’s consider the eye area. The skin is thin and delicate and has fewer oil glands to hydrate the area -

which is why fine lines appear here first. Makes sense! So it also makes sense to use an eye cream to

protect this precious skin for a more youthful appearance (and who doesn’t want that!)

With regular use (2 x daily) of our Essential Eye Cream – note the essential, it really is – you can help keep

this area hydrated.

Full of active ingredients to provide all the vital nutrients needed:

Rose hip oil (helps improve skin elasticity), Carrot infused oil & Palmarosa Essential Oil (help hydrate and stimulate cell growth & Natural source Vitamin E (important antioxidant and protector). Just to name a few!

RIGHT product – Essential Eye Cream

RIGHT amount – 1 pump


RIGHT way – 2 x daily after cleansing & toning,

                       gently pat around eye socket area.



Regular use will see results!  (And of course this product is certified organic)

x the elly b team


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