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July 11, 2013 2:31 pm


Most of us talk about skin
ageing with a deep sigh!

Whilst ageing is inevitable are there some factors that we can control?

There are 2 different types of ageing:

  • Intrinsic (internal factors)
  • Extrinsic (external factors)


Are the natural processes caused by genetic factors that are happening to your whole body over time. From a skin point of view this includes a decrease in collagen & elastin production, increased dryness and a decrease in the skin cell turnover rate. And gravity doesn’t help! Obviously intrinsic ageing is something we have little control over.


Are caused by environmental & lifestyle factors ie. Sun exposure, smoking, excess alcohol, drugs, nutritional intake, poor health habits, stress etc.

Extrinsic ageing is the bigger problem and can cause more damage. The good news is you do have more control over these factors.  You can slow down extrinsic ageing!  Whilst it’s important to use products that target and help intrinsic ageing factors you can take steps to help prevent & diminish the external signs of premature ageing.

So what can you do to help your skin?

Here’s just 6 ways that will make a visible difference to your skin by improving your lifestyle!

1.  Use sun protection

Most premature ageing is caused by sun exposure. Research tells us a small amount of sun is necessary for Vitamin D synthesis.  However sun damage can take decades to show up and by the time you are aware – it’s way too late to completely reverse the damage done. Sun exposure can cause freckles, age spots, rough & leathery skin, fine lines, wrinkles, skin pigmentation and the worst sun damage can lead to skin cancers. So cover up, stay out of the sun from 10 – 3pm and wear a sunscreen every day to reduce photo ageing.

2.  Nutrition

It’s true – you are what you eat! Better nutrition not only helps you lose/maintain weight but also clears your skin.

3.  Get a good night sleep

Yes you need plenty of it – approximately 8 hours per night, otherwise your skin starts to look dull.

4.  Obey your skincare routine

Regularly removing dead skin cells with an exfoliant, followed by a really hydrating moisturiser can make a huge difference.  Always take off your makeup before going to bed!

5.  Moderate alcohol

In moderation only. Regularly consuming large amounts will dehydrate your skin – leading to early signs of lines and wrinkles. Also depletes vitamins and the production of collagen & elastin.

6.  No smoking

Just don’t do it! Nicotine affects blood flow limiting the availability of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Also the repeated muscles movements used increases the number and depth of wrinkles especially around the mouth and eyes!  The damage caused to your skin (long & short term)  is huge – not to mention your lungs and general health.

So you can see we do have some control over how our skin ages and to what degree and there are lots of things you can do to help keep your skin healthy and reduce the signs of ageing.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are – start today!

ESSENTIAL OILS … life force benefits!

May 1, 2013 1:45 pm

ESSENTIAL OILS … life force benefits !

In the plant world some essential oils are produced to attract insects to aid in reproduction and in others to deter their enemies
from eating them or other plants from invading their patch. Of the large amount of essential oils that are extracted only a tiny percentage is used in aromatherapy, with the majority used in food flavourings as well as in the perfume and pharmaceutical

They really are the very essence or the “life force” of plants. By using these precious oils in skincare products we are reaping all the benefits of the essential oil.

The essential oils we use help make up the active ingredients in our skincare products. Unlike synthetic fragrances that just smell and don’t contain any benefits to the product, essential oils have a heavenly aroma AND a therapeutic value.

When correctly blended they are highly beneficial in balancing and maintaining skin types and conditions. In fact essential oils can greatly complement each other by creating a synergy in which they are more powerful when combined than if they are used separately.

The essential oils used in our skincare products have all been extracted from plants without using any chemical solvents. Often steam is used to extract the precious oils or cold pressed in the case of most citrus essential oils.

Ever wonder why a certain smell/aroma creates an emotional reaction?

Our Olfactory system (responsible for detecting odour) is linked to our Limbic Brain – which deals with emotions & memory (amongst other things). So our reaction to smell is often influenced by childhood associations, people, places & events in
our lives.

Of course this is an exceptionally personal response! What you love – someone else may loath!

But there is no doubt about the beneficial addition that essential oils make to our skincare products!

Image: Pinterest

BEAUTY SLEEP … it’s not a myth!

April 3, 2013 6:11 pm

BEAUTY SLEEP … it’s not a myth!


 It’s not called BEAUTY SLEEP for nothing! Have a bad night’s sleep and it will certainly show on your face.

When you don’t sleep well or not for long enough – the cells that repair and regenerate your skin can’t do their job properly and the result is lack-lustre skin … dry and dehydrated.

So not only are you lacking in energy and just not functioning as well, but your stress levels also increase. This can trigger an increase in acne & sensitivities. And may also lead to a decrease in collagen production.

When you do get a regular good night’s sleep – I’m sure you can really notice the difference!

Night time is the perfect time to use a more intense and heavier cream like Dream Cream to really re-hydrate your skin whilst the skin cells are renewing and repairing. Your skin will really reap the rewards of the therapeutic benefits of the certified organic oils and essential oils. It’s not called Dream Cream for nothing!!

There’s truth in what we are told …. don’t drink caffine a few hours before bed, don’t eat a huge evening meal, make sure your room is not too hot or too cold, give yourself some time to wind down and relax an hour or so before bedtime and commit to regular exercise. All these things will improve the quality of your sleep and in turn improve the condition of your skin.

 So now you know why it really is a “ Beauty Sleep”! Sweet dreams!

PART 3: Moisturise, moisturise- twice a day

December 30, 2012 9:47 am

Image: Pinterest


In Part 1 we talked about cleansing and faithfully following a good skincare routine, Part 2 was all about the benefits of exfoliating and now Part 3 is all about  moisturising.

Cleansing and exfoliating removes dry skin and dead skin cells  – this  allows your skin to really absorb moisturiser, not  just leave it sitting on the surface.    Well moisturised skin will greatly improve the application and staying power of foundation (liquid or powder).

For day time your moisturiser should be easily absorbed into the skin.   A moisturiser can be light but still very nourishing.  Our Aromatic Moisturiser is for oily combination skin types and our Botanical Moisturiser is for dry, normal & sensitive skin types.

At night time after cleansing (always double cleanse if you have been wearing make up) you need to apply a heavier and more intense moisturiser to really replenish the skin whilst you sleep.  Our Dream Cream really is the crème de la crème!

Follow our skin care steps and you will Create the Perfect Canvas for Make Up every time!

I believe that a woman who accepts herself – how she looks and who she is – will always radiate true beauty. Understanding how to make the best of yourself begins with a good skin care routine followed faithfully and always looking after your skin … religiously!

x the elly b team

PART 2: How to create the perfect canvas for make-up

September 5, 2012 2:09 pm

Image: Pinterest


In Part 1 we said “Faithfully following a really effective simple skin care routine is the very first step
to creating the perfect canvas.”

Here’s Part 2 … it’s all about exfoliating. The skin has many layers and it is in the dermis that brand
spanking new cells are produced. Approximately every 3 – 4 weeks our skin replaces damaged &
tired out skin cells with lovely new ones! How quickly this happens depends on your age & general

Whilst the skin replaces itself, it does not always get rid of dead skin cell build-ups and other
impurities on the surface … they’re the flaky bits that you may or may not be able to see in the
mirror. But they are definitely the bits that your make-up will not only adhere to – but highlight
for you too! Horror of horrors – sometimes you don’t even know they are there until you apply
foundation, spoiling that overall smooth silky look you are after. Regular exfoliation will help stop
this happening.

Our gentle face exfoliator is exactly that …. gentle. Tiny natural spheres of jojoba beads roll over
your skin to buff away these flaky dead skin cells & impurities – leaving skin brighter, cleaner &
smoother. Because they’re spheres they don’t scratch the skins surface causing micro-tears.

Having removed the dead skin debris your skin will now more readily absorb moisturiser – from a
skincare point of view that’s one of the best advantages of exfoliating. We recommend you do this
at night time and always follow with a really good/intensive moisturiser. dream cream or argan gold
will give maximum hydration – and your skin will love you!



So for “make up ready” skin,

to create the perfect canvas –

regular exfoliation is a must!


Even if you prefer not to wear make-up, exfoliation is very much a part of a healthy skin care routine.

x the elly b team


We Love Our Dads!

September 2, 2012 8:13 pm

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the wonderful dads, granddads

and great-granddads out there…we love you!! 


( If you’re still stuck for a present, don’t forget great skin isn’t just for the mums! )

For example, any post-winter hand will benefit from our Lemon Myrtle Salt Scrub. And the Argan Gold oil will deeply regenerate and hydrate skin but is quickly absorbed to get Dad back to his day!

x the elly b team